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Helium - release valves

Rented helium bottles and release valves

You can buy the helium in the bottle, but the bottle stays property of Rick's Company. Our helium bottles are refilled with helium after use.
In all our helium prices one week of bottle use is included.

Apart from your helium bottle you rent one or several release valves, depending on the type and amount of balloons you want to inflate.

The release valve is attached to the bottle and decreases the pressure and speed of the helium coming from the bottle

Various types of release valves can also be purchased from Rick's Company.

All valves are also available for purchase.



Simple, easy-to-use helium release valve. Purchase price (and compensation in case of loss): 135€ 

Rental price per week:
Professional release valve for quick inflation of balloons. Includes a manometer that displays the amount of helium in the bottle.
 Purchase price (and compensation in case of loss): 165€

Rental price per week: