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1.      You need helium to let balloons fly.
2.      The amount of helium you use depends on the volume (=size) of your balloons
3.      Helium is more expensive that the unit price of your printed balloon
Remember this when ordering your balloons.
A balloon with a diameter of 27cm has a volume of about 10 liter.
A balloon with a diameter of 33 cm has a volume of about 15 liter.
With a large helium bottle of 8200 liter (196€ excl. VAT) you can inflate
820 balloons (27 cm)
545 balloons (33 cm).

In this example the helium for a 27 cm balloon costs: 24ct
and the helium for a 33 cm balloon costs: 36ct

TIP: mix helium and air

Large balloons with a diameter of 90 cm can be inflated with 1/2 helium and 1/2 air, especially when only used for one day.
For a 90 cm balloon ( = ~350 liter) this can be a price difference of 3€.