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Advertising with printed balloons is the the cheapest and most effective way to present your logo, your company colors and your message to a large crowd of potential customers.

Handing out balloons in a shop will make your name and colors visible in the whole shopping street. For example, you could offer air balloons on a stick in a balloon tree in your shop. With an electric air pump from Rick's Company those balloons can be inflated fast and cheaply in the morning.

Example calculation for an order of 3000 balloons (27 cm) with logo printing:

  • Electric air pump GE-1:  69,- €

Price per balloon (€0,085) together with a balloon stick (€0,035) : 0,12 €


An example of 12 cent balloon advertising: cheaper than a carrying bag.

For a special occasion, during your fair, sale or local market you can easily hand out the same balloons filled with helium. This makes your advertising even more festive.

TIP: Buy a balloon tree 

A balloon tree is a rack that can hold between 50 and 80 inflated balloons on balloon sticks.

  • The balloons can be inflated at calm moments during the day or before opening or after closing the store.

  • The full balloon tree attracts customers and presents your logo and company colors in a charming way.

  • Customers can select a nice balloon themselves.

There are two kinds of balloon trees:
A cheap version and a beautiful sturdy model, which you can both find under Accessories.