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Advertising balloons - balloon sizes

4 different balloon sizes for all occasions

Depending on your goals and budget you can choose between four different balloon sizes:

De characteristics of these different sizes are:

27 cm diameter
  • cheapest balloons
  • smallest volume, cheapest to fill with helium
  • easy, small balloon for use on balloon sticks inflated with air

30cm diameter
  • nice balloon size for helium as well as air inflation
  • only printable with one-colored printing (on 2 sides)
  • only available in the standard color family

33 cm diameter
  • beautiful, large balloon for a classy presence
  • too big for balloon sticks

40 cm diameter
  • exceptionally beautiful and big balloon
  • ideal for product promotion
  • too big for balloon sticks


If you compare prices and balloon quality, use real balloon samples.
Some competitors offer balloons that are 33 cm tall, which obviously is not the same as 33 cm diameter